Height safety is an issue confronting many industries, not just trades. At Branach we partner with a multitude of companies looking to make their workplaces safer.

Over the years we’ve found some industries face more challenges than others however. Users may be working with electrical equipment, in water or even underground. Some of the more complex industries we service include:

Electrical and Power

We supply custom-made fiberglass extension ladders and step platforms to the electricity distribution industry. Companies throughout Australia and internationally have varying specifications for their ladders which relate to their particular requirements and work practices.

We supply the specifications, quality and duty ratings required by the high safety standards this industry expects.


The Branach Tunnel Ladder is specifically designed to assist technicians working at heights within curved tunnel walls. 

Traditional ladders are often unsafe in such situations due to the curvature of the tunnel, which can lead to instability and accidents. The Branach Tunnel Ladder, however, features an innovative design that allows it to fit securely against the tunnel wall, providing a stable and safe platform for technicians to work from.

This ladder is an essential tool for those working in tunnel maintenance and construction, ensuring safety and efficiency.



Branach Ladders are an essential tool in the renewable energy industry for safely accessing hard-to-reach areas such as wind turbines, solar panels, and other elevated structures. 

Made from lightweight, durable materials like aluminum, Branach Ladders offer excellent stability and strength while minimizing the risk of injury to workers. They are versatile and can be easily adjusted to fit various heights and angles, making them an ideal choice for maintenance, installation, and repair work in the renewable industry.


Our very first ladders were supplied to the telecommunications industry – a special lightweight 7.6m ladder was specifically designed for Optus. Our lightweight, heavy-duty ladders have little twist or bounce and are ideal for the safety standards this industry requires.

The ladders are typically fitted with cable hooks for users to work ‘mid-strand’, lashing ropes to secure the ladder to a pole and ladder levelers for unstable ground.

Transport and Aviation

Branach products are used in a wide range of transport applications. From re‑fuelling of small to medium-sized aircraft through to the service and inspection of an Airbus A380, the world's largest passenger plane.

Our lightweight, robust and portable products suit a wide range of transport service and maintenance applications.


We provide a range of step platforms and straight ladders to the mining industry. The underground coal mining industry, for example, has stringent requirements in regard to minimising the amount and type of aluminium which is taken underground.

Our step platforms conform to these standards and are used widely. Mining sites often have chemical processing plants with corrosive environments and the Branach corrosion resistant products are ideal in these situations.

Events and Exhibitions

Our non-conductive step platforms with a platform height of up to 3.6m are used largely in the entertainment industry. From the more common application of adjusting lighting racks in theatres, schools and television studios to setting up events such as the Melbourne Grand Prix, our step platforms allow users to safely access heights up to 6.0m.

Oil and Gas

The high salt environment found around offshore oil and gas rigs causes corrosion problems in many ladders. Our corrosion range, with its fiberglass and stainless steel construction is the ideal product to service this demanding environment.

Our step platform range is also used extensively in maintenance work throughout the industry. With its non-conductive, safe and stable construction it is ideal for the type of work required in this industry.


From corrosive resistant rope ladders used on navy ships to camouflaged safety step patforms for accessing wings of aircraft or sides of tanks, our ladders have been put through a variety of tests by the Australian Defence Force.

They require equipment that is portable, easy to maneuver and has stability outdoors. Branch ladders have the strength and durability to last in sometimes punishing conditions.

Fire and Rescue

Fire, rescue and emergency services require equipment which is robust and easy to maneuver. Quiet often users are operating at heights in excess of 3 metres, in extreme heat or where chemical contact is involved.
At times they are also dealing with exposed electric currents. The non-conductive and non-corrosive properties of our CorrosionMaster extension ladder range meets the needs of this industry.

Other Industries

The need for high quality, safe, stable and strong height access equipment ensures that our products find applications across the whole spectrum of industries. At Branach we specialise in finding innovative height safety solutions.
Every industry has it’s own unique set of challenges and we love a challenge. If your industry isn’t listed above, don’t worry; we’re sure we can work with you to find a solution to fit your specific needs.