CorrosionMaster 550mm Step Platform

Meets AS/NZS 1892.3


CorrosionMaster 550mm Step Platform Ladder


The CorrosionMaster 550mm Step Platform was specially designed for portable access and working at height for the world’s harshest, explosive & corrosive environments and industries.

Specified by Rio Tinto, Gorgon and Wheatstone project; and Chevron, Barrow Island.

  • Fibreglass construction, product suitable for electrical work and corrosive environments.
  • Large 316 stainless steel deck allowing greater movement
  • Durable yet load rated to 150kgs
  • No water absorption
  • Strongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability
  • Front safety rail situated at 900mm above the deck
  • Unique construction allows for single action set up, portability, and easy store
  • Australian made and owned
Spin Corrosionmaster
Built to last

Built to last

With no timber to rot, no aluminium to corrode and no mild steel to rust, the CorrosionMaster range is built to last the harshest environments. Made with fiberglass rungs, and stainless steel, it provides peace of mind, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Lightweight, portable and foldable

Lightweight, portable and foldable

Branach’s Safety Step Platform range is foldable, convenient and portable meeting your current and future needs.

The right choice

The right choice

Our large reinforced decks allow greater movement, are load rated to 150kg, and provide a safe, slip‑free surface. It provides peace of mind, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Exceeding expectations

Exceeding expectations

Branach’s unique fiberglass patented box rail construction provides superior safety and meets the needs of industry leaders. Our customers expect the best, and we deliver.


MODEL Platform Height icon Open Height icon Closed Height icon Front to Rear Spread icon Weight icon Load Rating icon  
FPS 0.6 0.60m 1.50m 1.68m 0.98m 19.5kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 0.9 0.90m 1.80m 1.98m 1.10m 22.5kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 1.2 1.20m 2.10m 2.28m 1.23m 25.5kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 1.5 1.50m 2.40m 2.58m 1.35m 28.5kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 1.8 1.80m 2.70m 2.88m 1.48m 31.5kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 2.1 2.10m 3.00m 3.18m 1.60m 36.0kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 2.4 2.40m 3.30m 3.48m 1.73m 39.0kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 3.0 3.00m 3.90m 4.08m 1.98m 45.0kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FPS 3.6 3.60m 4.50m 4.68m 2.23m 51.0kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet

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