All Terrain

Meets AS 1892.1:2018 Higher Stability


All Terrain Extension


As safe as they are tough

Our All Terrain Extension is stronger than any other fibreglass ladders in the market, featuring a unique Strongbox construction.

The TerrainMaster provides outstanding stability, eliminates lateral twist and sideways movement. Levels, stabilisers and provides unprecedented safety when working on uneven ground.


  • Fibreglass stiles
  • Electrically safe
  • Lightweight and easy to position
  • Outstanding durability
  • Dramatic reduction in sway and twist
  • All-weather resistant
  • TerrainMaster maximises grip and stability on uneven ground
Feature euro powermaster extension ladder
Feature branach latch

Details matter

We care about safety and convenience. That’s why we invented the Branach latch:

  • Situated at the top of the ladder
  • Plastic coated PPA
  • Single hand operation
  • Side-pull rope (no trip hazard)
  • The latch protects the rungs
Feature rung

Get a grip

The Branach D Rung provides stability and comfort when working at height, and its non-slip surface ensures safety in all weather. A proven product you can trust.

Feature patented joint

Exceeding expectations

Branach’s unique fiberglass patented box rail construction provides superior safety and meets the needs of industry leaders. Our customers expect the best, and we deliver.

20kg Force Diagram

AS 1892.1:2018 Higher Stability: What does this mean to you?

Under the new standard you now have a choice in relation to choosing which ladders best suit the task at hand.

If you choose a ladder that is marked as 'AS 1892.1:2018 HIGHER STABILITY' it will be tested in conjunction with the standard to provide a ladder with — you guessed it — Higher Stability.

Basically it refers to the amount of sideways force required to tip a ladder or platform. With a Higher Stability product your safety level has just increased exponentially.


MODEL Closed Height icon Closed Height icon Weight icon Load Rating icon  
FED-AT 4.0 2.80m 3.95m 18.6kg 160kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 5.2 3.41m 5.17m 21.6kg 160kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 6.4 4.02m 6.39m 24.7kg 160kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 7.6 4.63m 7.61m 31.3kg 160kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 8.8 5.24m 8.83m 34.4kg 150kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 9.4 5.85m 9.44m 39.3kg 140kg Technical Data Sheet
FED-AT 9.8 5.85m 9.75m 39.3kg 120kg Technical Data Sheet

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