Fall Control System

Meets AS 1892.1:2018 Higher Stability


Introducing the Branach Fall Control System - An innovative, portable, and mobile solution for ensuring the safety of workers at heights. Our unique system is designed to keep workers safe while ascending, descending, or in the event of a fall, slip, or medical issue.

Our system addresses four key elements:


  • The strength of our system is designed to arrest the user in the event of a fall, while the stability ensures that the user remains upright during a fall event.
  • The anchoring mechanism is designed to ensure that the user does not separate from the ladder structure.
  • The rescue element allows for safe lowering of the height worker by someone on the ground.

Few product offer the ability to rescue without requiring further equipment, the Branach Fall Control system does not require a second person to put themselves at risk.

Our Fall Control System is both innovative and unique, built to meet and exceed safety standards while being portable and mobile. Our system is designed with lightweight materials that make it easy to transport and use in a variety of locations.

At Branach, we are committed to providing the highest quality fall control solutions that protect workers and save lives. With our Fall Control System, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are working safely at heights. Choose Branach Fall Control System for your fall protection needs and stay safe while working at heights.

Why people fall off ladders?†


Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety – Center for Injury Epidemiology (CIE) From Research to Reality - Volume 15 | Number 3 | Winter 2012

AS 1892.1:2018 Higher Stability: What does this mean to you?

Under the new standard you now have a choice in relation to choosing which ladders best suit the task at hand.

If you choose a ladder that is marked as 'AS 1892.1:2018 HIGHER STABILITY' it will be tested in conjunction with the standard to provide a ladder with — you guessed it — Higher Stability.

Basically it refers to the amount of sideways force required to tip a ladder or platform. With a Higher Stability product your safety level has just increased exponentially.

The design and unique construction of our award winning system addresses the two most common ladder failure modes.

Failure Mode 1

STABILITY FAILURE – Movement of the ladder.
Base slip, movement of the top of the ladder and sideways tipping.

BOX RAIL rung joining system provides unparalleled performance in strength and stability, dramatically reduces twist and sway by up to 40%.

TERRAINMASTER™ ensures a stable footing and eliminates sideways movement.

TETHERS that can be bolted into the ground or structure. This ensures the ladder is securely fixed.

Failure Mode 2

USER ERROR – Incorrect use of the Ladder.
Foot missed/slipped, user lost balance and overreaching.

WORK POSITIONING HOOK, RUNG EYELET and HARNESS ensure adequate anchoring to the ladder structure.

The INNOVATIVE DESCENDER allows the user to replace themselves back on the ladder. GROUND BASED RESCUE system allows a passerby to rescue the height technician in an emergency.

In addition, our NON-SLIP RUNGS help reduce foot slips.

Guiding principles of the
Branach Fall Control System

  • The worker is safe from the moment they leave the ground.
  • The stability system works from the ground up.
  • Fall control system stems from the increased base of support.
  • The ladder is secured with an integrated tether system.
  • Integrated rescue by second user from the ground.
  • Allows workers to work from the ladder with both hands comfortably and safely.
  • To meet and exceed compliance and international standards.
  • Design fit for purpose, critical piece of climbing equipment.
  • Periodic inspection schedule recommended.


  1. Cross Bar and Upper Pulley
  2. Run Work Position Hook
  3. Non-slip Rungs
  4. Tether Tensioner
  5. Box Rail Rung Joining System
  6. Tether Rope
  7. Rope Bag
  8. Vertical Lifeline (configured for rescue)
  9. Lower Tether Hooks
  10. Level Bubble
  11. Descender
  12. Extra Wide TerrainMaster


How does it work?

Step 1

Deploy the TerrainMaster to its widest setting, using level bubble to ensure correct angle.

Step 2

Attach rope tethers around pole or to structure. Apply tension.

Step 3

Attach harness to the fall arrest device.

Step 4

Test weight on system.

Step 5

Ascend ladder to desired position. Use work positioning hook to attach to rung hook.

Step 6

Rescue is simple and easy to perform without putting a second user at risk.

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FED-FC 4.0 2.99m 3.97m 21.1kg/23.6kg 160kg/120kg
FED-FC 5.2 3.60m 5.19m 24.1kg/26.6kg 160kg/120kg
FED-FC 6.4 4.21m 6.41m 27.3kg/29.8kg 160kg/120kg
FED-FC 7.6 4.82m 7.63m 33.8kg/36.5kg 160kg/120kg
FED-FC 8.8 5.43m 8.85m 36.9kg/39.9kg 150kg/120kg




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