Branach: Spearheading Safety in Height Access Equipment

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Branach: Spearheading Safety in Height Access Equipment
Zartash Baig
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In the heart of Boronia (VIC, Australia), among the clinks of tools and the buzz of creation, Branach came to life in 1990. It sprang from the minds of Mike and John Walsh, a humble beginning that birthed a revolution in safety worldwide.

Branach’s firstborn, the PowerMaster Exte​nsion Ladder, emerged in 1991, a testament to Mike and John’s unwavering commitment to safety and resilience. Its robust design, featuring a strongbox construction, stood firm against sway and twist while maintaining a lightweight, weather-resistant profile. The mixture of fibreglass resin, alloy, thermoplastic polyurethane, and mild steel resulted in a product that defied the elements and eased deployment. Yet, their pursuit of perfection persisted. The introduction of the Fall Control System in 2015, refined in 2019, added an extra layer of safety—a lifeline for users facing precarious situations.

Then, in 2013, the Terrain Master stepped forth—a groundbreaking solution addressing ladder slippage and instability. Crafted from aircraft aluminium and boasting an adjustable base, it revolutionised safety measures, eliminating the need for ground leveling and adapting seamlessly across diverse terrains.

Today, Branach stands tall as a beacon of safety, its impact transcending borders. Branach’s team, now expanded and rooted in Denmark and Romania, propels its innovations across continents.

The awards, including the prestigious Endeavour Safety Solution Award in 2014, Most Innovative Product in Health & Safety Award in 2023 and nominations in esteemed forums, are not mere achievements but affirmations of their tireless pursuit of safety innovation.

As Branach continues to innovate and evolve, its legacy remains etched as a paragon of trust, reliability, and pioneering spirit in the realm of height access equipment.

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