Branach TerrainMaster


  • Manufactured from lightweight aircraft aluminium
  • Eliminates lateral twist and sideways movement.
  • Easy to store, spread, and level
  • Base can be set to a width of 925mm to 1440mm.
  • Leg height can be adjusted to up to 305 mm.
  • Allows coping with a slope of up to 15 degrees.
  • All ladders can be retro fitted.
Terrain Master

Unprecedented Safety

Branach has engineered a solution that greatly reduces the number incidents involving the ladder falling sideways or slipping out underneath the user falls by providing a base that is up to 3x bigger than the ladder’s base or footing.

The TerrainMaster removes the need for dangerous chocking or digging out the ground to level out the ladder. As the user and terrain are never consistent the TerrainMaster creates the safest environment to work in every time it is used.

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Technical Data Sheet

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