Branach's Product Range : The Ultimate Solution for Ladder Safety

1 June 2024 by
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Branach is a professional company that offers a comprehensive range of ladder and step platform products, reflecting its expertise in the industry. With a focus on safety and standards, Branach is a one-stop-shop for all your ladder-related needs.

Branach's product range has evolved over the years, starting with the revolutionary Terrain Master product in the early nineties. This tool provided unprecedented support for ladders and platforms, significantly reducing the risk of accidents. Today, Branach offers a wide range of weather-resistant, lightweight, non-conductive, strong, portable, and durable ladders and step platforms. Along with a variety of accessories, these products provide enhanced safety for workers.

Branach's step platform range of accessories includes an exclusive tool tray and table, along with wheel and feet accessories. On the other hand, the ladder accessory range comprises latches, hooks, rungs, ropes, wall brackets, and more.

Branach is continuously expanding and offering new products, such as their fibreglass-based higher stability range, extension ladders, safety step platforms, single ladders, corrosion series, and an inclusive accessory range. With a prime product like the Terrain Master, Branach offers a glance at its historical journey, providing customers with quality products and accessories.

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