Conquer Any Terrain with the All Terrain Extension Ladder: A Game-Changer in Fibreglass Ladders

4 July 2024 by
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When it comes to tackling challenging tasks at heights, having a ladder that you can rely on is essential. That's why we are proud to present the All Terrain Extension Ladder, the latest innovation in fibreglass ladders that is set to revolutionize the way professionals work. With its Strongbox construction, this ladder takes strength and durability to a whole new level, leaving its competitors in the dust.

Unparalleled Stability, Anywhere, Anytime

Say goodbye to wobbly and unsafe ladders. The All Terrain Extension Ladder introduces a groundbreaking design that eliminates lateral twist and sideways movement, providing an outstanding level of stability on any terrain. No matter where your work takes you, be it uneven ground or challenging landscapes, this ladder offers a safe and secure platform for you to focus on the task at hand.

Mastering the Terrain

The All Terrain Extension Ladder incorporates the innovative Terrain Master system, specially designed for professionals who face the toughest terrains. Constructed with lightweight aircraft aluminum, this ladder strikes the perfect balance between strength and portability. Its wide base of 1.3 meters ensures unparalleled stability, while its ability to adjust to slopes of up to 15 degrees makes it the ideal choice for working on uneven or soil-based terrains that require choking or digging.

Safety Above All Else

At Branach, your safety is our utmost priority. The All Terrain Extension Ladder has been meticulously engineered to provide a secure and reliable way to work at heights. With features such as the Branach latch, convenience and safety go hand in hand. Situated at the top of the ladder, this latch is made from plastic-coated PPA, allowing for single-handed operation. The side-pull rope eliminates any trip hazards, and the latch itself serves to protect the rungs, ensuring a worry-free experience.

Get a Grip, Stay Safe

Working at height can be challenging, but with the Branach D Rung, stability and comfort are guaranteed. This unique rung provides an exceptional grip, even in adverse weather conditions, thanks to its non-slip surface. Trust in its proven track record and elevate your safety to new heights.

Exceeding Expectations, Every Time

When industry leaders demand the best, they turn to Branach. Our patented box rail construction, made from top-of-the-line fiberglass, sets a new standard in safety and reliability. We don't just meet expectations; we exceed them, providing our customers with a product they can trust without compromise.

Elevate Your Work, Elevate Your Safety

With the All Terrain Extension Ladder, you can elevate both your work and your safety. Embrace the strength, stability, and durability that only Branach can offer. Invest in a ladder that is designed with your needs in mind and experience a more comfortable and secure working environment. Choose the All Terrain Extension Ladder and take your productivity to new heights. 

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