Elevate Your Worksite Safety with Branach's Extension Ladders: PowerMaster Extension (FED) and CorrosionMaster Extension (FEF)

4 July 2024 by
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When it comes to working at heights, safety, stability, and durability are non-negotiable. That's where Branach's exceptional range of fibreglass extension ladders comes into play. In this blog post, we'll delve into two remarkable ladder series: the PowerMaster Extension FED and the CorrosionMaster Extension FEF, each designed to meet specific needs while ensuring unmatched safety and performance.

PowerMaster Extension FED: Elevate Your Safety

For those who work at heights, the PowerMaster Extension FED is the ladder of choice. Trusted by 90% of power utilities in Australia and earning recognition worldwide, it's a testament to its unrivalled safety features.

Strongbox Construction for Unmatched Rigidity - One of the standout features of the PowerMaster Extension FED is its Strongbox construction. This unique design significantly enhances ladder rigidity, drastically reducing twist and sway. This translates to maximum safety when you're up high, ensuring you can work confidently and securely.

Electrically Isolated Fibreglass Stiles- Safety is paramount when working near electricity, and these ladders excel in this regard. The fibreglass stiles of the PowerMaster Extension FED isolate workers from the ground, making them perfectly suitable for electrical work.

Lightweight and Comfortable - Despite their robust construction, these ladders are surprisingly lightweight and easy to deploy. The flat D rungs not only enhance safety but also provide comfort for those extended periods at height. You can also choose between the Branach Latch or Conventional Latch to match your preference.

All-Weather Resistant and Stable - No matter the weather conditions or terrain, the PowerMaster Extension FED can handle it. With an all-weather-resistant design and swivel foot, it ensures a firm grip on uneven surfaces. Moreover, it complies with standards in AU/NZ and the USA, reaffirming its commitment to safety.

Customisable and Repairable - These ladders are not just tools; they are investments. The PowerMaster Extension FED is designed to adapt to your specific needs and extend its lifespan. It's an outstanding solution for working at heights that grow and evolve with you.

CorrosionMaster Extension FEF: Safety Meets Toughness

The CorrosionMaster Extension FEF is a ladder series that goes above and beyond when it comes to safety, comfort, and durability. It's an essential addition to any worksite, especially those in harsh, explosive, or corrosive environments.

Designed for Harsh Environments - If you work in desalination plants, maritime industries, mining, or any corrosive environment, the CorrosionMaster Extension FEF is your trusted companion. Branach's dedication to innovation ensures that you have the right ladder for every job, providing exceptional solutions even in the most challenging applications.

Portable and Easy to Transport - These ladders are designed with the modern worker in mind. They are portable, easy to transport, and deliver uncompromised safety and performance in any environment.

Durable and Weather-Resistant - Featuring fibreglass stiles and rungs, the CorrosionMaster Extension FEF excels in durability and all-weather resistance. It's electrically safe, lightweight, and easy to position and maneuver, ensuring a hassle-free setup on any job site.

Stability on Uneven Ground - The swivel foot design maximises grip on uneven ground, providing additional stability and safety. Compliant with EN 131-1 standards and proudly Australian made and owned, the CorrosionMaster Extension FEF is the ultimate choice for any professional in need of reliability and safety.

Please note that the CorrosionMaster Extension FEF has a minimum order quantity. Contact Branach to discuss your specific application and requirements.

In conclusion, Branach's PowerMaster Extension FED and CorrosionMaster Extension FEF ladders are your partners in achieving safety, stability, and durability at any height or in any challenging environment. Invest in these exceptional ladders and elevate your safety standards today.

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