Height Safety Starts with the First Step

4 July 2024 by
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When it comes to choosing the right products for working safely at heights, there’s no shortage of providers out there telling you to choose them. Before you do, there are certain things to consider ensuring your wellbeing is at the core of a provider’s product range – from concept to construction. Here are five things to check off your list before buying your next height safety solution.

Does it meet the standards?

A provider’s product range should comply with the major Australian and international standards and regulations relating to working at height. But don’t you deserve more than that? How about a range of fibreglass ladders and safety step platforms that exceed the highest industry requirements across an array of heights and uses?

At Branach, we are proud of our focus on innovation and design to further increase your safety level beyond what is considered standard. In fact, our new Higher Stability range of step platform and extension ladders are engineered to provide safety beyond the bare minimum.

What exceeds major standards and regulations?

Some providers design and engineer products that feature unique additions that go above and beyond its competitors.

All Branach ladders, for example, feature a distinctive fibreglass box rail. Industry proven and tested, the fibreglass box rail dramatically reduces twist and sway by up to 40%. It’s also electrically resistant while being both lighter and more durable than C-section ladders.

We engineer products that go far beyond the minimum safety requirements. From our work platforms to leaning ladder series (single and extension), we ensure that we are not just providing a ladder but an entire height safety system.

Does it stack up to the competition?

Not all ladders are created equal. But everyone deserves to feel safe when working at heights. Whether it's made of aluminium, fiberglass or stainless steel… it makes a difference. And while fibreglass step platform and extension ladders are preferred, we take it another step at Branach.

Unlike other fibreglass products, ours are built with a full fibreglass box rail, so they are lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and remain ridged with very little flex or bounce.

How do I find the safest product range?

At Branach, we are always looking to develop products that provide the best possible solution for our customers. We continue to work with leaders across a variety of industries to develop and improve height safety solutions that are also easy to use. We do this because an injury to an employee is costly. To them, their family, and your business’ bottom line.

We have made a significant investment in agile design capability, incorporating stringent prototyping and testing. We continue to introduce new safety innovations through undertaking ongoing research and development of the use of height safety equipment around the world.

Investing in Branach is a guaranteed way to future proof your business. We’re not just any old ladder company, we’re height safety partners for life.

How can I be sure Branach is for me?

Since 1990, Branach has been synonymous with electrically-safe fibreglass ladders and other height safety equipment. We have been producing the highest standards in design, and manufacturing to all trades across the world.

Made in Australia by an Aussie-owned company, Branach ladders exceed American, European and Australian safety standards for portable ‘working at height’ products and have become the first-choice product for electricians, emergency workers and more.

Our focus is on you, the customer, and how we can not only provide you with the safest products now, but well into the future. Partnering with Branach is a journey and also includes ongoing inspections and repairs to ensure you get the most out of your Branach height safety solutions.

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