Revolutionize Your Ladder and Step Platform with TERRAIN MASTER - The Ultimate Accessory Upgrade

4 July 2024 by
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Ladders and platforms have been incredibly useful tools throughout history, but unfortunately, accidents resulting from their use have been a major drawback. Slipping due to unstable legs or uneven terrain has been the top reason for ladder falls, and unbalanced step platforms also face the same problem when it comes to weight or load. While multiple solutions have been attempted to resolve this issue, every option had drawbacks until Branach's Terrain Master came along.

The Terrain Master is a revolutionary product designed to handle uneven terrains and slippery floors. With its range of benefits, it outperforms the competition. For one, it's difficult to balance strength and portability in engineering fields, but the Terrain Master manages to provide both with its lightweight aircraft aluminium construction.

A wide base is also important for stability, and the Terrain Master provides just that with a base of 1.3 meters (4.25 feet) for the Terrain Master and 1.7 meters (5.57 feet) for the Terrain Master Wide Range. This wide base allows for weight and load to be distributed over a larger area, ensuring stability for the user.

Setting up on slopes is another challenge that the Terrain Master tackles with ease. Its unique design allows it to adjust for slopes of up to 15 degrees, which makes a significant difference when working on uneven or soil-based terrains that require choking or digging.

The Terrain Master is a multi-dimensional accessory that can be widely used in various industries. Workers in the electrical, construction, renewables, mining, oil and gas and many other industries often face major issues while working outdoors, but the Terrain Master serves as their reliable companion for secure tasking.

Overall, the Terrain Master is an exceptional product, and Branach is proud of it. To learn more about the Terrain Master and its detailed features, visit

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